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Read Some of the Comments from our Customers.

We received the Tokyo today. Thank you for your quick response.
My husband couldn't wait to try it and thinks with practice he may have a voice again!!We took the DVD to his speech pathologist yesterday, she had never seen one work and had expressed interest when I told her we were thinking about trying it. She was pushing the electro larynx, but the humming and mechanical sound are rather irritating to us. She agreed
that it sounded promising, and I think other larys should at least know it is available. Maybe she will give it a little more thought as an option for others?  Hope so, they need  all the help they can find.It is not only frustrating to the person trying to speak, but to the one trying to understand what is being said!  I know we just give up sometimes and leave things unsaid. So we thank you for your help.
God bless, Kay

Tokyo Artificial Larynx

Excerpt from the Training DVD
Proper placement of the Tokyo Artificial Larynx

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