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My name is Mark Welch.

My father Clyde Welch is a laryngectomee. In July 1983 he was diagnosed with throat cancer and underwent his operation. He is now 82 years old and doing fine. It is my father that you see in the video.

My father was so determined to talk again that he spent hours and hours learning esophageal speech and he has been successful in that. However, he was still not happy with it because of the volume. He tried different artificial larynx's but he was not happy with them. When he came across the Tokyo Artificial Larynx he was very impressed by it. With the Tokyo Artificial Larynx he discovered that he could control the volume of his voice, and his voice quality was much better.. And that is the Tokyo Artificial Larynx my father and I are selling.

As you can hear, my father speaks very well. If you would listen to him over the phone or in a tape you would not suspect he is a laryngectomee. My father regained his close to normal voice with the aid of Tokyo Artificial Larynx. He has been using Tokyo Artificial Larynx almost 20 years.

For more than a decade my father was the sole distributor of the Tokyo Artificial Larynx. However, after my mother died in February of 1999, my father decided that it is time for him to retire from distributing the Tokyo Artificial Larynx. When my father first approached me to continue what he left off, I was hesitant mainly because I am already very busy with my job as service technician for cash registers. However, after researching on the internet what products are available for the laryngectomee, I became convinced that the Tokyo Artificial Larynx was and still is the best pneumatic artificial larynx so far, and still very affordable. I feel that it is a shame not to make this product available anymore and to share with other laryngectomees what my father has achieved — regaining his close to normal voice with the aid of the Tokyo Artificial Larynx. This is also my way of honoring my father.

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Click Here for an interview I had with my father in August of 2004
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